Dang Constructions tailors your experience.

We don’t just provide buildings for our clients. We build innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals. We provide tailored construction services, because we know not every building fits into the cookie-cutter mold. It’s our specialty and our pleasure to work on challenging and unique projects.

Residential Construction Services

Dang Constructions has had the opportunity to build custom homes and residential properties that make the dreams of home owners become a reality. Whether it's using unique materials, incorporating the latest technologies or providing practical sustainability solutions that will save you money later, Dang Constructions tailors your residential construction services.

We can plan, construct and manage everything from site preparation and permit acquisition to the concrete, masonry and interior finishing details. Our residential contractors take a proactive approach to your project to maximize lifetime cost savings and keep the project on schedule.

We'll do whatever it takes. Working on unique and challenging projects is our specialty. Contact us today to talk about how Dang Constructions can tailor your next residential construction project.

Commercial Construction Services

Dang Constructions works closely with home owners to provide a customized building solution for commercial construction projects. We understand the pressures of the industry: the need for form and function on a budget.

As a builder, we can provide you with pre-engineered metal building solutions that meet all those needs. Our products are the most cost-effective option, from their construction to their lifetime cost savings in energy efficiency and maintenance. But they don't just have to be metal boxes. With our flexible systems, Dang Constructions can work with you to put in the detailed craftsmanship and interior finishing you want to make your business aesthetically appealing too.

We're dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open in order to provide flexible and responsive service to our clients. We can work with you on every aspect of your commercial construction project, from project and risk management to budgeting and quality control.

We'll do whatever it takes. Working on unique and challenging projects is our specialty. Contact us today to talk about how Dang Constructions can tailor your next commercial construction project.

Interior Services

Dang Constructions is known for designing residential spaces in an extraordinary fashion that speaks volume about your style, taste, and class. With a team of well-experienced professional designers by your side, you can be rest assured that you will get designs just the way you have envisioned them to be. Each texture, pattern and colour will be nothing short of a stroke of art.

Conceptualization is an exhaustive process at this Delhi NCR based interior designing firm to ensure that the final outcome is in sync with your space. The Professional team of designers at Dang Constructions has great attention to detail and to other practical aspects of designing architecture and interiors so that you have a home that is picture-perfect, inviting and just more than a living space!

From site inspection to site measurement to interior layout possibilities, 3D views, and material finalization, our creative and competent team consults on everything from site inspection to BOQ. Interior Designing of residential spaces, retail outlets, restaurants, motels, hotels, bars, lounges, and commercial offices are just a few of the types of projects we worked on.